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September 21, 2012
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My crew was getting suspicious.
I sat upon a smooth rock that sat above the waters surface. I stared out at the ocean. I wasn't looking at the brilliant sunset, I wasn't looking at the evening sky, dying the clouds different shades of red, I wasn't even listening to the sound of the waves.

…I was looking for her. For the flicker of silver against the blue sea, a glimpse of those silky (h/c) locks…I was waiting for her…But she never came.

My crew was worried for me, it had only been three days since the incident, and even three days on shore was enough to drive me crazy. I had to get off land, I had to return to the sea…But what if she came back?

I sighed and stood up again, like all the other nights, she didn't return. And I left, alone, and somewhat disappointed.

A sudden splash of water made me whip around, I turned sharply, my gaze flickering with hope…But it was just the waves, lapping at the rocks. I glared at the sea, embarrassed that I had been fooled, and stormed back to the camp.

Why was I so desperate to see her!?

I was now laying on the grassy bank before the sea and sand. Staring up at the starry sky.

I don't know how long I was laying there. It seemed like forever.

I suddenly stood.

One more time….

One more time, I'll wait for her, and then I'll leave.

I rushed back to where I could view the entire sea. I stood on a cluster of jagged rocks, it was night, the only thing guiding me was the moonlight.

Hours must have past.

I sighed in frustration and looked down.

Why was I like this!?


I saw a flicker of silver.

A glimmer of light in the darkness.

I felt my legs automatically bring myself to the edge, the silver flickered again.

It was her!

It was definitely her, then the water rippled.

My heart felt as if it skipped a beat.

She broke the surface of the water in one smooth movement, her glistening (h/c) hair slicked back, her bright (e/c) glistening, and her skin luminous in the moonlight.
She smiled at me.

"You…" was all I could manage.

Why? Why now of all times did I have to get tongue tied?

She went to submerge under the water again, I managed to grab her wrist before she could, clambering forward into the water. Why was she leaving so soon?

"Wait!" I insisted, she replied by gently taking my hand, and removing it from her wrist, she gave it a pat and gave me a smile before diving under.

She said no words, but she wanted me to wait here.

Moments later, she returned, with an item in hand.

…It was my hat!

She gave it to me, when I took it, I dropped it in surprise. It was completely dry!

"What the-?" I was cut of as she giggled, I t was the most adorable thing I ever heard.

She raised both of her hands, and wiggled her fingers, the water around her rippled on its own, then she raised her hands, and the sea drew back into a giant wave, then she gently lowered her hands, and the sea fell back into a still piece.

She cupped some water, then brought it to her heart.

'I am the sea'

She didn't speak, but that's what she meant…I just knew.

I opened my mouth, determined to say an actual sentence "Can you speak?" I asked

She moved forward elegantly and pressed her fingers to my lips, she then shook her head.


Then, she placed her hand on her chest, then to her delicate neck, then to her lips then, she reached out her hand and smiled sadly.

'I can only sing'

I put my hat on and she watched me curiously, before beaming.

A siren that can only sing…I wasn't surprised but it wasn't what I expected either.

"Are you sure you can't speak?" I asked, just to make sure

She thought for a moment.

Swimming up to me, further this time she placed her hands on her head, then on mine and nodded.

'I understand what you ask me'

Then she put her hands on my lips and brought them back, then she placed her hands on her lips and covered her mouth and shook her head.

It was adorable.

'But I don't know how to reply'

I grinned at the maiden.

"How about I teach you to reply then?" I offered her a hand "Come with me miss"

She looked at my hand frowning, then she looked back at the ocean.

Was it wrong to take a fish out of water?

"Tell me, how far can you swim,?" I asked, an idea to convince her popping into my head.

She looked at me curiously

"Can you swim far enough to see the entire ocean?"

She shook her head

"Come with me, and I can show you all the seven seas!"

Her eyes instantly widened and she swam forward and grabbed my hand eagerly.

It was delicate against mine…She was beautiful.

I lifted her out of the sea with ease, and her brilliant silver tail parted into two legs.

I looked away as I realized she was naked, swung of my coat and put it on her.

She patted the fabric curiously.

I couldn't help but smile.

Once again, The Great Captain Kirkland had found another Priceless Treasure.
Here' Another Part 2, sorry for the wait

Part 1: [link]
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